The ScratchPro Difference


Unlike other systems, The ScratchPro system:


  • Is compact and portable. Does not require any complicated equipment or canisters.
  • Setup is easy and takes just minutes.
  • Utilizes the most advanced grinding & polishing technology.
  • Does not make a big mess, reducing clean up time.
  • Is inexpensive, allowing you to recoup your costs after just a few jobs.

Scratch Pro Complete Kit


In December 2010, US Glass Magazine named ScratchPro as the 2010 Reader's Choice Product of Year in the category of Glass Restoration.



Since 2008, ScratchPro has been the leading system for the glass restoration professionals, hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers. The ScratchPro system has been utilized to restored everything from shower doors, to commercial properties, sports arenas and even yachts at a fraction of the cost of glass replacement.


The ScratchPro Glass Scratch
& Graffiti Removal System:


  • Is the most advanced system on the market today, used by hundreds of professionals across the country and internationally.
  • Is ultra-efficient, requiring a fraction of time compared to other systems.
  • Can remove scratches, paint, acid graffiti and more without leaving ugly distortion.
  • Is cost effective. Most damage can be removed at a fraction of the cost of replacement.
  • Saves time. No glass to put on order or buckets of solutions to mix up.
  • Is a green service that saves disposed glass from going to landfills.


The Perfect Solution for:

Window Cleaners, Handymen, Auto Dealers, Glass Shops, Fabricators, Manufacturers, Entrepreneurs, Property Maintenance, Janitorial Companies & more.

Get Your System Today... Remove Scratches Tomorrow!

glass scratch removal

Complete professional system including everything listed below for just $1,240.00. Buy one system at our regular price to become a ScratchPro member and get additional kits for just $921! Ordering additional supplies is quick and easy. We have great prices and quick shipping for everything you need.

New 3" & 6" Starter kits now available:


3" Starter Kit: $274.00 click for details

6" Starter Kit: $349.00 click for details


Already have an older system and just need to upgrade some parts or product? All of our parts and consumables may also be purchased on an a-la-carte basis. See our order page for more details.



Scratch Pro Is GreenWith such a focus recently on Green Technologies and preventing products from unnecessarily going to the landfills, companies like the Glass Guru, (makers of ScratchPro) and those using the system are doing thier part to make a positive impact on the planet. Since the introduction of the ScratchPro kit in early 2008, thousands of windows have been successfully restored with the system. In 2009, the company was recognized for its efforts by Door and Window Manufacturer Magazine with a nomination for their annual Green Award.

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